Baylor University
Department of Philosophy
PhD, 2014
North Charleston, South Carolina, United States of America
Areas of Specialization
Philosophy of Religion
Areas of Interest
Philosophy of Action
  •  368
    A Critical Evaluation of Rea’s Response to the Problem of Divine Hiddenness
    European Journal for Philosophy of Religion 6 (2): 117--138. 2014.
    In an important discussion of the problem of hiddenness, Michael Rea briefly presents and defends an argument from divine hiddenness which he thinks encapsulates the problem of divine hiddenness, and then develops a detailed and nuanced response to this argument. Importantly, Rea claims that his response does not depend on the commonly held theistic view that God allows hiddenness to secure human goods. In this paper I offer a detailed criticism of Rea’s account of what justifies God in allowing…Read more
  •  32
    Deep and Wide: A Response to Jeff Jordan on Divine Love
    Faith and Philosophy 30 (4): 444-461. 2013.
    Recently Jeff Jordan has argued against the view that divine perfection would require God to love every human with equal maximal intensity. He asserts that his argument depends on principles of perfect being theology which he develops and defends. In this paper I argue that Jordan’s case can be better understood as two conceptually distinct arguments, only one of which depends on his proffered principles of perfect being theology. I then critically evaluate each of these arguments, arguing that …Read more