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    Let I 0 be a a computable basis of the fully effective vector space V ∞ over the computable field F. Let I be a quasimaximal subset of I 0 that is the intersection of n maximal subsets of the same 1-degree up to *. We prove that the principal filter ${\mathcal{L}^{\ast}(V,\uparrow )}$ of V = cl(I) is isomorphic to the lattice ${\mathcal{L}(n, \overline{F})}$ of subspaces of an n-dimensional space over ${\overline{F}}$ , a ${\Sigma _{3}^{0}}$ extension of F. As a corollary of this and the main re…Read more
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    Dependence relations in computably rigid computable vector spaces
    with Valentina S. Harizanov and Andrei S. Morozov
    Annals of Pure and Applied Logic 132 (1): 97-108. 2005.
    We construct a computable vector space with the trivial computable automorphism group, but with the dependence relations as complicated as possible, measured by their Turing degrees. As a corollary, we answer a question asked by A.S. Morozov in [Rigid constructive modules, Algebra and Logic, 28 570–583 ; 379–387 ]
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    Quasimaximality and principal filters isomorphism between
    Archive for Mathematical Logic 43 (3): 415-424. 2004.
    Let I be a quasimaximal subset of a computable basis of the fully efective vector space V ∞ . We give a necessary and sufficient condition for the existence of an isomorphism between the principal filter respectivelly. We construct both quasimaximal sets that satisfy and quasimaximal sets that do not satisfy this condition. With the latter we obtain a negative answer to Question 5.4 posed by Downey and Remmel in [3]
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    Objective quantification of psychomotor disturbances in patients with a major depressive episode
    with Petya Terziivanova, Evelina Haralanova, Emil Milushev, Claus-Frenz Claussen, and Svetlozar Haralanov
    Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice 24 (4): 826-831. 2018.
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