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    Substructural logics on display
    Logic Journal of the IGPL 6 (3): 451-504. 1998.
    Substructural logics are traditionally obtained by dropping some or all of the structural rules from Gentzen's sequent calculi LK or LJ. It is well known that the usual logical connectives then split into more than one connective. Alternatively, one can start with the Lambek calculus, which contains these multiple connectives, and obtain numerous logics like: exponential-free linear logic, relevant logic, BCK logic, and intuitionistic logic, in an incremental way. Each of these logics also has a…Read more
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    Gaggles, Gentzen and Galois: how to display your favourite substructural logic
    Logic Journal of the IGPL 6 (5): 669-694. 1998.
    We show how to obtain cut-free Display Calculi for algebraic logics characterised by the Gaggle Theory of Dunn. These Display Calculi automatically inherit the Kripke-style relational semantics associated with gaggles thereby completing a unified, proof-theoretic, algebraic and model-theoretic picture for these logics
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    Heinrich Wansing, Displaying Modal Logic
    Journal of Logic Language and Information 9 (2): 269-272. 2000.