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    In reaction to a particularly scathing review of his Practice in Christianity, Kierkegaard postulated what he called a ‘preacher-machine.’ As we will see, the preacher-machine is only one type of character-machine, for, in Practice in Christianity, there are five other such machines. Starting up these character-machines will allow for an analysis of the repulsion of the God-man, Christ himself. This repulsion is important because Kierkegaard claims that it is the condition for the emergence of f…Read more
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    Homesickness and Nomadism
    Polish Journal of Philosophy 10 (2): 45-69. 2016.
    Solomon Maimon argues that while Kantianism does venture quite a way toward the establishment of an immanent critical project that more satisfyingly addresses real experience, it does not fulfill the aims of its own project. In order to negotiate Maimon’s claim, I utilize the primary metaphorics of the First Critique: homesickness. The Kantian longing for home is an insatiable yearning, a striving for the end of something that cannot end, namely, the end of the search for home. According to Maim…Read more
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    Este é um conto sobre visão, pensamento e contradição, bem como sobre o papel que desempenham na primeira metade da Ciência da Lógica de Hegel. A Lógica começa com uma descida, nesse caso, uma queda do Ser ao Nada. Posteriormente, aproximadamente na metade de cada texto, há um certo paradoxo em que tudo está em jogo, a categoria da contradição. Nesse exato momento, o pensamento ao mesmo tempo falha e é renovado em um viés especulativo. Nessa seção, nos debruçamos sobre algumas das interpretações…Read more
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    Zips: Experimental Lines of Flight
    American Society for Aesthetics Graduate E-Journal 2 (1): 1-7. 2010.
    By applying a few of the concepts and transformative tools presenting in many of Deleuze’s texts, Barnett Newman’s paintings receive a much-needed re-interpretation. In many of Newman’s paintings, the fields of colors and the pulsating zips that sear through these vast landscapes can be seen as intensive sensations pushing away from philosophical and artistic domains that cling to images of thought rooted in recognition and binarism. The function of such a Deleuzian reading of Barnett Newman is …Read more
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    Thinking the Abyss of History: Heidegger’s Critique of Hegelian Metaphysics
    Gatherings: The Heidegger Circle Annual 6 51-68. 2016.
  • Contemporary Encounters with Ancient Metaphysics (edited book)
    with Abraham Jacob Greenstine
    Edinburgh University Press. forthcoming.