• Human rights as fundamental conditions for a good life
    In Rowan Cruft, S. Matthew Liao & Massimo Renzo (eds.), Philosophical Foundations of Human Rights, Oxford University Press Uk. 2015.
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    Both Spinoza and Buddhism raise objection to the existence of the self as independent. This work presents Spinoza’s and early Buddhism’s account of the non-self respectively, namely, that the self does not have independent existence. Starting from the non-self, I look into the metaphysical pictures outlined by Spinoza and Buddhism and argue that despite their agreement on the non-self, they differ in regard to their metaphysical views in general. In comparing and contrasting the two, I shall con…Read more
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    Power and responsibility: How different sources of CEO power affect firms' corporate social responsibility practices
    with Xingping Jia, Beatrice Van der Heijden, and Wenqian Li
    Business Ethics, the Environment and Responsibility 31 (3). 2022.
    Business Ethics, the Environment &Responsibility, Volume 31, Issue 3, Page 682-701, July 2022.
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    Power and responsibility: How different sources of CEO power affect firms' corporate social responsibility practices
    with Xingping Jia, Beatrice Van der Heijden, and Wenqian Li
    Business Ethics, the Environment and Responsibility. forthcoming.
    Business Ethics, the Environment & Responsibility, EarlyView.
  • Innovative Strategies for Talent Cultivation in New Ventures Under Higher Education
    with Chunhui Zhao, Mengzhu Chen, Jing Yuan, and Ping Zhou
    Frontiers in Psychology 13. 2022.
    This study aims to help enterprises enhance their innovation capabilities in the environment of knowledge economy globalization and stand out in the fierce industry competition. Firstly, data on existing higher education theories and innovation theories are analyzed. Secondly, two companies in the sample data are selected for detailed analysis. Finally, research conclusion and corresponding talent management strategies are presented. The results show that the cumulative contribution value of emp…Read more
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    Physical Self Matters: How the Dual Nature of Body Image Influences Smart Watch Purchase Intention
    with Teng Wang and Yongqiang Sun
    Frontiers in Psychology 13. 2022.
    To determine the role of physical self in body-involving consumption, we explore how body image influences purchasing intention toward hybrid products with body-involving features. In this study, we establish the dual nature of body image: specifically, body image influences intention to purchase via the perception of utilitarian value and symbolic value. Further, we find a competitive mediation in which positive body image negatively influences purchase intention, while PBI is positively relate…Read more
  • This study examined the effects of opportunity to learn or the content coverage in mathematics on student mathematics anxiety, problem-solving performance, and mathematics performance. The pathways examining the influences of OTL on student problem-solving performance and mathematics performance via mathematics anxiety were also tested. A sample of 1,676 students from Shanghai-China, and a sample of 1,511 students from the United States who participated in the Programme for International Student…Read more
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    A Configurational Analysis of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises’ Radical Innovations: The Perspective of Dynamic Capabilities
    with Shuangshuang Tang, Lumeng Wang, Weijing Chen, and Zhiwen Guo
    Frontiers in Psychology 12. 2022.
    Adopting a configurational perspective, this study explored the pathways for small and medium-sized enterprises to achieve high levels of radical innovation. On the basis of dynamic capabilities theory, six causal conditions for radical innovation were identified at both external and internal levels—that is, environmental turbulence and absorptive capacity. The results of a fuzzy-set qualitative comparative analysis of 82 Chinese SMEs identified four solutions for high radical innovation. The si…Read more
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    Our current work seeks to provide direct empirical evidence on whether Chinese international students’ experiences studying abroad promote dialectical thinking. We collected behavioral data from 258 Chinese international students studying in multiple regions. We found that there was a main effect among the four conditions. More specifically, when primed with studying abroad or typical day, participants were more likely to show tolerance for contradiction by deeming both sides of contradictory sc…Read more
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    The Ethics of Enhancement
    with Julian Savulescu and David Wasserman
    Journal of Applied Philosophy 25 (3): 159-161. 2008.
    No Abstract
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    BackgroundAthletes will increase their state anxiety under stress situations, which will lead to the decline of sports performance. The improvement of anxiety by probiotics has been reported, but there is a lack of research in the athlete population. The purpose of the current study is to explore the effectiveness of probiotics in improving athletes’ state anxiety and sports performance under stress situations.MethodsWe conducted this single-arm study in Chongqing Institute of Sports Technology.…Read more
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    Informal Status and Taking Charge: The Different Roles of OBSE, P-J Fit, and P-S Fit
    with Chuanjun Deng, Zhiqiang Liu, Yucheng Zhang, and Yan Bao
    Frontiers in Psychology 11. 2020.
    Status in an organization is considered a significant antecedent to an employee's work-related behaviors. However, the relationship between knowledge workers' informal status and "taking charge" has been ignored in previous human resource management (HRM) research. Based on the self-consistency theory, this study examines the mechanisms underlying the influence of knowledge workers’ informal status on taking charge. Data were collected from 337 dyads of employees and their immediate supervisors …Read more
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    Ethics of Artificial Intelligence (edited book)
    Oxford University Press. 2020.
    "Featuring seventeen original essays on the ethics of Artificial Intelligence by some of the most prominent AI scientists and academic philosophers today, this volume represents the state-of-the-art thinking in this fast-growing field and highlights some of the central themes in AI and morality such as how to build ethics into AI, how to address mass unemployment as a result of automation, how to avoiding designing AI systems that perpetuate existing biases, and how to determine whether an AI is…Read more
  • Aristotle’s Nous as Telos-related Teasoning: an Explanation
    Proceedings of the XXIII World Congress of Philosophy 2 (2): 195-200. 2018.
    It is important to re-investigate Aristotle’s concept of nous. This concept basically denotes some telos-related thinking/reasoning activity of the human intellect, which proceeds both upward and downward: upward to grasp a comprehension of the telos one has acquired, and downward to reach some ultimate end. It differs from the theoretical thinking/reasoning of science in its upward-proceeding inquiries in that it constitutes a comprehension of the very first principles; it differs from techniqu…Read more
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    Recently, Gerhard Øverland and Alec Walen have developed novel and interesting theories of nonconsequentialism. Unlike other nonconsequentialist theories such as the Doctrine of Double Effect, each of their theories denies that an agent’s mental states are relevant for determining how stringent their moral reasons are against harming others. Instead, Øverland and Walen seek to distinguish morally between instances of harming in terms of the circumstances of the people who will be harmed, rather …Read more
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    Human Rights and Public Health Ethics
    Social Philosophy Today 35 9-20. 2019.
    This paper relates human rights to public health ethics and policies by discussing the nature and moral justification of human rights generally, and the right to health in particular. Which features of humanity ground human rights? To answer this question, as an alternative to agency and capabilities approaches, the paper offers the “fundamental conditions approach,” according to which human rights protect the fundamental conditions for pursuing a good life. The fundamental conditions approach i…Read more
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    Based on the self-verification theory, this research proposed a multi-level model for exploring whether, how, and when differentiated leadership had curvilinear effects on relationship conflict within a team and further on team members’ counterproductive work behaviors toward individuals (CWBI). Drawing on a sample of 297 team members nested in 78 teams, we found that differentiated empowering leadership had no direct curvilinear effects on relationship conflict. However, the results showed that…Read more
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    A Study of the Mechanism of the Congruence of Leader–Follower Power Distance Orientation on Employees’ Task Performance
    with Yan Bao, Jianqiao Liao, Yucheng Zhang, Chuanjun Deng, and Zhiwen Guo
    Frontiers in Psychology 10. 2019.
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    Toward a Basic Mutual Understanding between Confucian and Aristotelian Virtue Ethics
    Business and Professional Ethics Journal 36 (3): 273-284. 2017.
    It is important for philosophers to find out positive approaches for increasing mutual understanding on those fundamental questions in both the Confucian and Aristotelian traditions of doing virtue ethics. The Aristotelian concept of the good and the Confucian concept of dao pose a question about the way human beings see the final principle of ethics. Staying within the realm of human life, Confucius develops two co-related perspectives of seeing the dao of human being. The first perspective see…Read more
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    Rightholding, Demandingness of Love, and Parental Licensing
    Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 94 (3): 762-769. 2017.
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    What are centered worlds
    Philosophical Quarterly 62 (247): 294-316. 2012.
    David Lewis argues that centered worlds give us a way to capture de se, or self‐locating, contents in philosophy of language and philosophy of mind. In recent years, centered worlds have also gained other uses in areas ranging widely from metaphysics to ethics. This paper raises a problem for centered worlds and discusses the costs and benefits of different solutions. The present investigation into the nature of centered worlds helps to explicate potentially problematic implicit commitments of t…Read more
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    Misattributing the Source of Self-Generated Representations Related to Dissociative and Psychotic Symptoms
    with Chui-De Chiu, Mei-Chih Meg Tseng, Yi-Ling Chien, Chih-Min Liu, Yei-Yu Yeh, and Hai-Gwo Hwu
    Frontiers in Psychology 7. 2016.
  • A Study On Religious Belief And Near-death Experience-cases From Buddhist
    with Yong-shi You
    Study of Life and Death 1 (11): 177-216. 2011.
    "Near-death experience", English for the Near-Death Experience, referred to as NDE, referring to occurred in the actual death or very close to them, our awareness away from the body clear off the experience. Near-death experience study abroad has been for many years, China is still off. The study, based on the United States Keynes • Lin cells of the theory, put forward by their experience of the ten elements of the future selected four local cases and take the depth qualitative research intervie…Read more
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    The Normativity of Memory Modification
    Neuroethics 1 (2): 85-99. 2008.
    The prospect of using memory modifying technologies raises interesting and important normative concerns. We first point out that those developing desirable memory modifying technologies should keep in mind certain technical and user-limitation issues. We next discuss certain normative issues that the use of these technologies can raise such as truthfulness, appropriate moral reaction, self-knowledge, agency, and moral obligations. Finally, we propose that as long as individuals using these techn…Read more
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    Doing business: an obscure notion of the ethics of public associations in ordinary Chinese
    Frontiers of Philosophy in China 1 (3): 325-340. 2006.
    Along with the notion of being a person (zuo ren 做人), the notion of doing business (zuo shi 做事) in ordinary Chinese is basically an over-all notion of the norms in the practical and associative activities, carrying typically obscure meanings on practice and association affairs in some external world. Ordinary Chinese not only distinguishes these two notions but also defines a dictionary order of them, with the affairs of the internal world prior to those of the external. The fact that the notion…Read more
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    Introduction: Finding out the Right Way to Understand Virtue Ethics
    Frontiers of Philosophy in China 8 (1): 1-3. 2013.