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    Overcoming the Legacy of Mistrust: African Americans’ Mistrust of Medical Profession
    with Marvin J. H. Lee, Kruthika Reddy, Junad Chowdhury, Nishant Kumar, Peter A. Clark, Papa Ndao, and Stacey J. Suh
    Journal of Healthcare Ethics and Administration 4 (1): 16-40. 2018.
    Recent studies show that racism still exists in the American medical profession, the fact of which legitimizes the historically long-legacy of mistrust towards medical profession and health authorities among African Americans. Thus, it was suspected that the participation of black patients in end-of-life care has always been significantly low stemmed primarily from their mistrust of the medical profession. On the other hand, much research finds that there are other reasons than the mistrust whic…Read more
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    Enduring injustice
    Contemporary Political Theory 14 (3). 2015.
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    Immigration and Democratic Principles: On Carens’ Ethics of Immigration
    Journal of Applied Philosophy 33 (4): 450-456. 2016.
    Carens has done more than any other political theorist or philosopher to develop the normative perspective of prospective migrants from within the liberal democratic tradition, but he has not sufficiently engaged with the other side of the argument – in particular, with the value of political community and the principle of collective self-determination. What is at stake for the immigrant-receiving country that might justify its claim to control immigration? I first examine Carens’ theory of soci…Read more
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    Justice, Gender, and the Politics of Multiculturalism
    Cambridge University Press. 2007.
    Justice, Gender and the Politics of Multiculturalism explores the tensions that arise when culturally diverse democratic states pursue both justice for religious and cultural minorities and justice for women. Sarah Song provides a distinctive argument about the circumstances under which egalitarian justice requires special accommodations for cultural minorities while emphasizing the value of gender equality as an important limit on cultural accommodation. Drawing on detailed case studies of gend…Read more
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    Enduring injustice
    Contemporary Political Theory 14 (3). 2015.
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    The Liberal Archipelago
    Contemporary Political Theory 8 (3): 365-367. 2009.
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    Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. forthcoming.