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    Eating Animals and the Moral Value of Non-Human Suffering
    Grazer Philosophische Studien 88 (1): 247-256. 2013.
    The purpose of this article, which takes the form of a dialogue between a vegetarian and a meat eater, is twofold. On the one hand, we argue for a general characterisation of moral value in terms of well-being and suffering. On the other hand, on the basis of this characterisation, we argue that, in most cases, the moral value attached to the choice of eating meat is negative; in particular, we defend this claim against a number of objections concerning the nature of animal suffering, its moral …Read more
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    Argumentation modelling of the Toulmin scheme
    with G. Boella, D. M. Gabbay, and L. van der Torre
    Studia Logica 93 (2-3): 297-354. 2009.
    In this paper, we introduce the methodology and techniques of meta-argumentation to model argumentation. The methodology of meta-argumentation instantiates Dung’s abstract argumentation theory with an extended argumentation theory, and is thus based on a combination of the methodology of instantiating abstract arguments, and the methodology of extending Dung’s basic argumentation frameworks with other relations among abstract arguments. The technique of meta-argumentation applies Dung’s theory o…Read more