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    Rapid growth mutants of escherichia coli
    with James Canvin, Primrose Freestone, Istvan Toth, Mirella Trinei, Kishor Modha, Dominique Cellier, and Vic Norris
    Acta Biotheoretica 46 (2): 161-166. 1998.
    If rapid growth (rap) mutants of Escherichia coli could be obtained, these might prove a valuable contribution to fields as diverse as growth rate control, biotechnology and the regulation of the bacterial cell cycle. To obtain rap mutants, a dnaQ mutator strain was grown for four and a half days continuously in batch culture. At the end of the selection period, there was no significant change in growth rate. This result means that selecting rap mutants may require an alternative strategy and a …Read more
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    This thesis explores methodological approaches to studying substantivalism in metaphysics and the philosophy of science. My primary aim is to show that it is only when these two disciplines come together, that we can hope to make progress with respect to discovering the true nature of the structure of space-time. I begin by looking at Leibniz’s argument that substantivalism entails the possibility of qualitatively indiscernible worlds, which differ only with respect to how the material world is …Read more