• Mastery Imagery Ability Is Associated With Positive Anxiety and Performance During Psychological Stress
    with Mary L. Quinton, Jet J. C. S. Veldhuijzen van Zanten, Jack Davies, Clara Möller, Gavin P. Trotman, and Annie T. Ginty
    Frontiers in Psychology 12. 2021.
    Mastery imagery is used to regulate anxiety. The ability to image this content is associated with trait confidence and anxiety, but research examining mastery imagery ability's association with confidence and anxiety in response to a stressful event is scant. The present study examined whether trait mastery imagery ability mediated the relationship between confidence and anxiety, and the subsequent associations on performance in response to an acute psychological stress. Participants completed a…Read more
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    Background: The severity of the Coronavirus pandemic has led to lockdowns in different countries to reduce the spread of the infection. These lockdown restrictions are likely to be detrimental to mental health and well-being in adolescents. Physical activity can be beneficial for mental health and well-being; however, research has yet to examine associations between adolescent physical activity and mental health and well-being during lockdown.Purpose: Examine the effects of adolescent perceived …Read more
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    Individual Values and SME Environmental Engagement
    with Richard Blundel and Anja Schaefer
    Business and Society 59 (4): 642-675. 2020.
    We study the values on which managers of small and medium-sized enterprises draw when constructing their personal and organizational-level engagement with environmental issues, particularly climate change. Values play an important mediating role in business environmental engagement, but relatively little research has been conducted on individual values in smaller organizations. Using the Schwartz Value System as a framework for a qualitative analysis, we identify four “ideal-types” of SME manage…Read more