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    In this dissertation I argue that while hedonism seems to be the correct theory of happiness, happiness does not seem to be the essence of welfare; after all, it appears that a person may be brainwashed over a given duration, may be happy over that same duration, but not also be well off over that duration, all things considered; this suggests that well-being consists of capacity-fulfillment. Hedonism about happiness, maintains that you are happy to the extent that you have pleasure, unhappy to …Read more
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    "The Nature and Value of Happiness," by Christine Vitrano (review)
    Teaching Philosophy 37 (2): 272-276. 2014.
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    Meaning in Life: An Analytic Study
    Philosophical Quarterly 67 (269): 855-879. 2017.
    Meaning in Life: An Analytic Study. By Metz Thaddeus.