My philosophical views

Question Answer Comments
A priori knowledge: yes and no Lean toward: yes
Abstract objects: Platonism and nominalism There is no fact of the matter Lean toward ontological relativity depending on conceptual scheme.
Aesthetic value: objective and subjective Agnostic/undecided
Analytic-synthetic distinction: yes and no Agnostic/undecided I actually lean toward a yes, but I am still chewing on Quine's two dogmas.
Epistemic justification: internalism and externalism Lean toward: externalism
External world: idealism, skepticism or non-skeptical realism Other Went from skeptical realist to considering Putnam's quasi-kantian internal realism. That's where I am now.
Free will: compatibilism, libertarianism or no free will Lean toward: compatibilism
God: theism and atheism Agnostic/undecided Used to be a theist. Rethinking the matter now.
Knowledge: empiricism and rationalism Accept an intermediate view
Knowledge claims: contextualism, relativism or invariantism Agnostic/undecided
Laws of nature: Humean and non-Humean Agnostic/undecided
Logic: classical and non-classical Agnostic/undecided
Mental content: internalism and externalism Lean toward: externalism thanks to Putnam.
Meta-ethics: moral realism and moral anti-realism Accept an intermediate view Lean toward believing some moral views are objective, but that has nothing to do with moral facts somewhere in Platonic heaven.
Metaphilosophy: naturalism and non-naturalism Lean toward: non-naturalism
Mind: physicalism and non-physicalism Lean toward: non-physicalism Certainly no dualist, but find mere physicalism problematic.
Moral judgment: cognitivism and non-cognitivism Accept an intermediate view More than "Accept" I would say lean to recognizing the cogntive and the affective simultaneously.
Moral motivation: internalism and externalism Insufficiently familiar with the issue
Newcomb's problem: one box and two boxes Insufficiently familiar with the issue
Normative ethics: deontology, consequentialism or virtue ethics Accept more than one My intuitions send me somewhere between virtue and deontological approaches.
Perceptual experience: disjunctivism, qualia theory, representationalism or sense-datum theory Insufficiently familiar with the issue
Personal identity: biological view, psychological view or further-fact view Insufficiently familiar with the issue
Politics: communitarianism, egalitarianism or libertarianism Lean toward: egalitarianism Communitarianism seems to have its charms too, but I have no patience for libertariannism.
Proper names: Fregean and Millian Agnostic/undecided Used to like a Kripkean causal approach, but I am no longer sure.
Science: scientific realism and scientific anti-realism Lean toward: scientific anti-realism Leaning toward a scientific anti-realism in so far as the underdetermination of data holds. But there would still be more or less rational schemes one can adopt depending on one's interests.
Teletransporter (new matter): survival and death Insufficiently familiar with the issue I haven't given enough thought to this one.
Time: A-theory and B-theory Agnostic/undecided I have strong presentist tendencies but I haven't decided.
Trolley problem (five straight ahead, one on side track, turn requires switching, what ought one do?): switch and don't switch Insufficiently familiar with the issue
Truth: correspondence, deflationary or epistemic Other Leaning toward Putnam's truth as rational acceptability under idealized epistemic conditions.
Zombies: inconceivable, conceivable but not metaphysically possible or metaphysically possible Agnostic/undecided