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    Absolute Goodness Defended
    Journal of Value Inquiry 1-18. forthcoming.
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    Adams’ theory of goodness as Godlikeness amended
    International Journal for Philosophy of Religion 94 (3): 281-298. 2023.
    In his Finite and Infinite Goods, Robert Adams puts forward a theistic framework for ethics according to which finite objects of value become good through resembling God who is the infinite Good and is the source and criterion of goodness. One question that immediately arises regarding this theory is whether any resemblance to God is sufficient for goodness or not. Adams’ answer to this question is negative. He puts forward further qualifications that resemblances to God have to meet so that the…Read more
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    Moral Sensitive Human Resource Development: A Conceptual Model and Its Implementation
    International Journal of Business and Management 16 (6). 2021.
    In this paper, we propose a conceptual model to improve moral sensitivity in human resource development (HRD) to assist human resource (HR) practitioners in contending with moral challenges in HRD. The literature on the relationship between ethics and HRD suggests that the organizational and employee development discipline deals with ethical issues at three different levels: Individual, organizational and communal, and international levels. In section I, we elaborate on moral challenges facing H…Read more