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    Corporate Sustainability Paradox Management: A Systematic Review and Future Agenda
    with Ben Nanfeng Luo, Ying Tang, Erica Wen Chen, and Dongying Luo
    Frontiers in Psychology 11. 2020.
    Increasing evidence suggests that corporate sustainability is paradoxical in nature, as corporates and managers have to achieve economic, social, and environmental goals, simultaneously. While a paradox perspective has been broadly incorporated into sustainability research for more than a decade, it has resulted in limited improvement in our understanding of corporate sustainability paradox management. In this study, the authors conduct a systematic review of the literature of corporate sustaina…Read more
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    Health assessment is an important part of PHM technology, which is crucial to product state monitoring and management. With the complexity of product structure and diversification of functions, the product health presents uncertainty under the complex influence of multiple factors. Nowadays, the general health assessment method is relatively simple and only considers the product function completeness, and the assessment effect accuracy still needs to be strengthened in the actual working environ…Read more