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    Comprehensive User Engagement Sites (CUES) in Philadelphia: A Constructive Proposal
    with Peter Clark, Marvin J. H. Lee, S. Gulati, A. Minupuri, P. Patel, Sam A. Schadt, J. Dubensky, M. DiMeglio, S. Umapathy, Olivia Nguyen, Kevin Cooney, and S. Lathrop
    Internet Journal of Public Health 18 (1): 1-22. 2018.
    This paper is a study about Philadelphia’s comprehensive user engagement sites (CUESs) as the authors address and examine issues related to the upcoming implementation of a CUES while seeking solutions for its disputed questions and plans. Beginning with the federal drug schedules, the authors visit some of the medical and public health issues vis-à-vis safe injection facilities (SIFs). Insite, a successful Canadian SIF, has been thoroughly researched as it represents a paradigm for which a Phil…Read more
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    Atomic structure of the Fe/Fe3C interface with the Isaichev orientation in pearlite
    with Y. T. Zhou, Y. X. Jiang, T. Z. Zhao, Y. J. Wang, and X. L. Ma
    Philosophical Magazine 1-12. forthcoming.