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    Counterfactuals, Overdetermination and Mental Causation
    Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society 111 (3pt3): 469-477. 2011.
    The Exclusion Problem for mental causation suggests that there is a tension between the claim that the mental causes physical effects, and the claim that the mental does not overdetermine its physical effects. In response, Karen Bennett puts forward an extra necessary condition for overdetermination : if one candidate cause were to occur but the other were not to occur, the effect would still occur. She thus denies one of the assumptions of EP, the assumption that if an effect has two sufficient…Read more
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    Disposition Ascriptions
    Philosophical Studies 176 (7): 1667-1692. 2019.
    I argue that disposition ascriptions—claims like ‘the glass is fragile’—are semantically equivalent to possibility claims: they are true when the given object manifests the disposition in at least one of the relevant possible worlds.
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    Running for Power: The 'Spectrum Concept' of Fascism (review)
    Times Literary Supplement 6083 14-15. 2019.
    On whether it helps to say that fascism is back and Jason Stanley's book "How Fascism Works".