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    The Anxiety of Influence: Modernism and Totalitarianism
    The European Legacy 22 (2): 210-214. 2017.
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    Why the World Matters: Hannah Arendt’s Philosophy of New Beginnings
    The European Legacy 18 (2): 170-184. 2013.
    Hannah Arendt?s philosophical project is an untiring attempt to argue that the world with all its failures and weaknesses does and should matter. Refusing to succumb to the destructive tendency within modernity, she cultivates creativity, action and responsibility. One way to appreciate the originality of Arendt?s philosophy of action and new beginnings is via her reading of two thinkers who were part of what she terms, ?the great tradition.? If most commentary deals either with Heidegger?s infl…Read more
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    The Spirit of Hamburg
    The European Legacy 21 (1): 79-83. 2016.
  • Based on Hannah Arendt’s distinction between the public and the private, the paper argues that it is possible to reconcile her seemingly elite democracy with the political ideals upon which the polis is constructed, namely, plurality, freedom and action. Such reconciliation is possible when the political is understood as the space between people, rather than as a carefully constructed physical space that excludes all aspects of privacy. Likewise, the paper argues that the rise of the social repr…Read more