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    Reconsidering ‘ethics’ and ‘quality’ in healthcare research: the case for an iterative ethical paradigm
    with Fiona A. Stevenson, William Gibson, Caroline Pelletier, and Vasiliki Chrysikou
    BMC Medical Ethics 16 (1): 21. 2015.
    UK-based research conducted within a healthcare setting generally requires approval from the National Research Ethics Service. Research ethics committees are required to assess a vast range of proposals, differing in both their topic and methodology. We argue the methodological benchmarks with which research ethics committees are generally familiar and which form the basis of assessments of quality do not fit with the aims and objectives of many forms of qualitative inquiry and their more iterat…Read more
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    Caring for quality of care: symbolic violence and the bureaucracies of audit
    with Nathan Emmerich, Deborah Swinglehurst, Jo Maybin, and Sally Quilligan
    BMC Medical Ethics 16 (1): 23. 2015.
    This article considers the moral notion of care in the context of Quality of Care discourses. Whilst care has clear normative implications for the delivery of health care it is less clear how Quality of Care, something that is centrally involved in the governance of UK health care, relates to practice