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    Defeaters to best interests reasoning in genetic enhancement
    Philosophical Studies 174 (11): 2845-2869. 2017.
    Pre-natal genetic enhancement affords us unprecedented capacity to shape our skills, talents, appearance and perhaps subsequently the quality of our lives in terms of overall happiness, success and wellbeing. Despite its powerful appeal, some have raised important and equally persuasive concerns against genetic enhancement. Sandel has argued that compassion and humility, themselves grounded in the unpredictability of talents and skills, would be lost. Habermas has argued that genetically altered…Read more
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    "Review of" The Philosophy of Sex and Love" (review)
    Essays in Philosophy 13 (1): 27. 2012.
  •  35
    An Introduction to Metaphysics (review)
    Teaching Philosophy 34 (1): 98-101. 2011.
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    Virtue epistemology and tacit cognitive processes in high-grade knowledge
    Philosophical Explorations 18 (3): 393-405. 2015.
    Duncan Pritchard has recently argued that a certain brand of virtue epistemology, known as “virtue responsibilism”, cannot account for knowledge acquired through the use of tacit reasoning processes. I defend virtue responsiblism by showing that Pritchard's charge is founded on a mischaracterization of the view. Contra Pritchard, responsibilists do not demand that agents have complete access to the grounds for their beliefs in order to know. A closer examination of prominent accounts of virtue r…Read more
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    A Subjectivist Solution to the Problem of Harm in Genetic Enhancement
    Journal of Cognition and Neuroethics 3 (4). 2015.
    Some have recently argued that parents are morally obligated, under certain circumstances, to use pre-natal genetic intervention as a means of enhancement. Despite aiming to benefit the child, such intervention may produce serious and irreparable harm. In these cases, parents seem to have an obligation not to intervene, as such efforts make the child worse off. Julian Savulesu has argued that while harm raises doubts about the acceptability of genetic enhancement, genetic selection remains an ob…Read more