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    Psychiatrists and clinical psychologists
    with A. Singh
    Mens Sana Monographs 4 (1): 10. 2006.
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    Resolution of the polarisation of ideologies and approaches in psychiatry
    with A. Singh
    Mens Sana Monographs 2 (2): 5. 2004.
    The uniqueness of Psychiatry as a medical speciality lies in the fact that aside from tackling what it considers as illnesses, it has perchance to comment on and tackle many issues of social relevance as well. Whether this is advisable or not is another matter; but such a process is inevitable due to the inherent nature of the branch and the problems it deals with. Moreover this is at the root of the polarization of psychiatry into opposing psychosocial and biological schools. This gets reflecte…Read more
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    A lot of Indian research is replicative in nature. This is because originality is at a premium here and mediocrity is in great demand. But replication has its merit as well because it helps in corroboration. And that is the bedrock on which many a fancied scientific hypothesis or theory stands, or falls. However, to go from replicative to original research will involve a massive effort to restructure the Indian psyche and an all round effort from numerous quarters. The second part of this paper …Read more
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    What is a good editorial?
    with Ajai Singh
    Mens Sana Monographs 4 (1): 14. 2006.
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    To cure sometimes, to comfort always, to hurt the least, to harm never
    with A. Singh
    Mens Sana Monographs 4 (1): 8. 2006.