• Probabilities, Laws and Structure (edited book)
    with D. Dieks, S. Hartmann, T. Uebel, and M. Weber
    Springer. 2012.
    This conception of natural kinds might be dubbed a 'structural kinds' view. It is the conception of kinds offered by ExtOSR within a Humean framework. To invoke structural kinds also means to invoke structural laws. For laws generalize over ...
  • Bayesian Epistemology
    In J. Dancy et al (ed.), A Companion to Epistemology, Blackwell. 2010.
    Bayesianism is our leading theory of uncertainty. Epistemology is defined as the theory of knowledge. So “Bayesian Epistemology” may sound like an oxymoron. Bayesianism, after all, studies the properties and dynamics of degrees of belief, understood to be probabilities. Traditional epistemology, on the other hand, places the singularly non-probabilistic notion of knowledge at centre stage, and to the extent that it traffics in belief, that notion does not come in degrees. So how can there be a B…Read more