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    Berkeley's Theory of Reality
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  • Wittgenstein sans The Private Language Argument
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  • Popper, Karl
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    Wittgenstein sans the Private Language Argument
    Cogito 10 (1): 28-34. 1996.
    This paper explores Wittgenstein’s account of the semantic differences between the two uses of 'I' in the Blue Book, arguing that, independently of the private language argument, it undermines substance dualism while demonstrating the philosophical misconceptions upon which it is based.
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    Popper, Basic Statements and the Quine-Duhem Thesis
    Yearbook of the Irish Philosophical Society 9. 2007.
    In this paper I explore Karl Popper’s ‘critical rationalism’, focusing on its presuppositions and implications as a form of realism regarding the nature of scientific truth. I reveal an underlying tension in Popper’s thought pertaining to his account of basic statements and the related question of whether the falsification of a universal theory can ever justifiably be regarded as final or conclusive. I conclude that Popper’s account of basic statements is implicitly conventionalist, and that it …Read more
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    Karl Popper
    Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. 2008.