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    The Interdisciplinarity of Collaborations in Cognitive Science
    with Bergmann Till, Dale Rick, Sattari Negin, and Heit Evan
    Cognitive Science 41 (5): 1412-1418. 2017.
    We introduce a new metric for interdisciplinarity, based on co-author publication history. A published article that has co-authors with quite different publication histories can be deemed relatively “interdisciplinary,” in that the article reflects a convergence of previous research in distinct sets of publication outlets. In recent work, we have shown that this interdisciplinarity metric can predict citations. Here, we show that the journal Cognitive Science tends to contain collaborations that…Read more
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    Unexpected role for adaptive αβTh17 cells in acute respiratory distress syndrome
    with J. T. Li, A. C. Melton, G. Su, M. de HammLa Femina, J. Howard, X. Fang, K. M. Huynh, C. M. O'Kane, R. J. Ingram, R. R. Muir, D. F. McAuley, M. A. Matthay, and D. Sheppard
    © 2015 by The American Association of Immunologists, Inc. Acute respiratory distress syndrome is a devastating disorder characterized by increased alveolar permeability with no effective treatment beyond supportive care. Current mechanisms underlying ARDS focus on alveolar endothelial and epithelial injury caused by products of innate immune cells and platelets. However, the role of adaptive immune cells in ARDS remains largely unknown. In this study, we report that expansion of Ag-specific abTh…Read more
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    International health-related research on human subjects entails unique ethical responsibilities and difficulties. Often, these difficulties are augmented by the lack of a local ethical review infrastructure. In a recent cross-national study conducted by us, three critical components of ethical regulation were identified—external oversight, local oversight and subject involvement—and integrated into the study design. These three concepts are outlined and established as an important aspect of ensu…Read more