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    Beverly Wildung Harrison: Justice in the Making—Feminist Social Ethics
    Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics 26 (2): 238-239. 2006.
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    Aesthetics and Ethics: Women Religious as Aesthetic and Moral Educators
    Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics 38 (2): 131-148. 2018.
    This essay examines the particular contributions of three communities of women religious for the ways in which they incorporated concerns for the moral formation of their students together with a focus on beauty. These communities not only provided a basic “Catholic moral education” but also aimed to develop persons who saw their responsibility as building a better world that was not only good but also beautiful. Given recent attention to the relationship between ethics and aesthetics, this essa…Read more
  • The bride of Christ and the church body politic
    Verifiche: Rivista Trimestrale di Scienze Umane 42 (1-3): 215-230. 2013.