• Towards Teaching With an Open Heart
    Paideusis: Journal of the Canadian Philosophy of Education Society 21 (2): 14-23. 2014.
    In this paper, I explore practices for opening the heart and offering compassion towards others and also myself in the context of teaching. In doing so, I reflect upon experiences that involve the uneven distribution of “air time” in the classroom; I concentrate on such experiences because, as long-standing sources of irritation for me, I believe they can evoke insights about being present. How, for example, might I invite deeper awareness of my own being in such situations, notice how I am feel…Read more
  • “But are we going to deal with the hard questions?”: Waves of Compassion in Halifax Regional Municipality
    with Fabiana Gonzalez, Phillip Joy, and Kim MacAulay
    Paideusis: Journal of the Canadian Philosophy of Education Society 21 (2): 55-70. 2014.
    Within broader social concern about compassion and learning to live well together in the world, a non-profit community-based organization called Waves of Compassion has emerged in Halifax Regional Municipality in Nova Scotia, Canada. In this article, we explore how compassion relates to some “hard questions” that have arise for the organization—questions related to issues of marginalization and inclusivity: for example, what it might mean to “walk in another’s shoes,” particularly when that pers…Read more