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    This article tries to find out that what the real causes on origin of Muslim Philosophy were and how the philosophical thinking arises in the community of Muslim? Many Muslim scholars found the cause of the origin and development of Muslim philosophy and gave the historical view. We try the combine and overall view the origin and development of Muslim philosophy. we shows the contribution of Muslim philosophical school who discussed about various critical topic regarding God, attribute of God, …Read more
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    My main focus on the claim of Durkheim's assertion of social consciousness and the origin of religion. He stated that religion don't make society , on the contrast man make religion in their own imagination.
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    This assignment is about ‘Third Person Account or knowing the other’s state of consciousness’. I have tried to best of my analysis and findings and give a idea that how we can be able to know the other’s state of consciousness. At first I give the idea of consciousness and with prominent philosopher and psychologist’s view on consciousness. Then I turn to the concept of Third person account what Shaffer named .Then give literature review about the topic with…Read more