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    Atomistic calculation of internal stress in nanoscale polycrystalline materials
    with Yong-Bo Guo and Mo Li
    Philosophical Magazine 92 (24): 3064-3083. 2012.
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    Decode Brain System: A Dynamic Adaptive Convolutional Quorum Voting Approach for Variable-Length EEG Data
    with Yun Zhou, Zekai Hou, and Wenlan Zhang
    Complexity 2020 1-9. 2020.
    The brain is a complex and dynamic system, consisting of interacting sets and the temporal evolution of these sets. Electroencephalogram recordings of brain activity play a vital role to decode the cognitive process of human beings in learning research and application areas. In the real world, people react to stimuli differently, and the duration of brain activities varies between individuals. Therefore, the length of EEG recordings in trials gathered in the experiment is variable. However, curr…Read more
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    This work investigates the finite-time control problem for a nonlinear four-tank cross-coupled liquid level system by the port-controlled Hamiltonian model. A fixed-free methodology is exhibited which can be used to simplify the controller design procedure. To get an adjustable convergent gain of the finite-time control, a feasible technique named damping normalization is proposed. A novel parameter autotuning algorithm is given to clarify the principle of choosing parameters of the PCH method. …Read more
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    Thomas Aquinas's Theory of Free Will
    Philosophy and Culture 28 (8): 753-760. 2001.
    Free will problem as a Western tradition of philosophy of mind in question has been widespread concern in philosophy and a high degree of attention. Medieval scholasticism and the systematic character Thomas. Aquinas is the will of Western liberal base of one of the pioneers and Yin. His contribution lies not only on the free will of the state of the Ming and the concept of free will by the detailed analysis, but also in his discussion of free will and rational introduction of the emotional desi…Read more
  • • Thomas Aquinas to explore "how to understand their reason," the process involves not only the "how to become a thinking my thoughts," the problem, and on the "rational ability to understand nature through their own" and "how rational its activities to understand their own "issues such valuable ideas. Although these ideas have not yet fully developed, but they are in many ways contributed to the modern Western philosophy of "self" concept and "self-knowledge" studies of the formation. In discus…Read more
  • For the medieval philosophy can be legally called a "Christian philosophy", researchers have historically had numerous arguments, but has not yet reached a conclusion. In this debate, one of the most critical and most difficult problem is: the philosophy of this period and the link between Christianity gives them a positive content. From this point of view, we found a master of philosophy in the Middle Ages, Thomas Aquinas • Aquinas's system of thought, faith and reason are not two distinct ways…Read more
  • Exploration on Karl Rahner's Theological Anthropology
    Philosophy and Culture 38 (1): 111-128. 2011.
    Karl Rahner's theological anthropology • is in the mainstream of Christian thought from God-and toward a humanistic background, drawing on Kant's transcendental method and Heidegger's analysis of the traditional philosophy of God, especially for those who圣多瑪斯theory and St. Ignatius of mysticism to transform the results. And compared to the traditional Christian philosophy, as a basis for theological anthropology that is not closed forms of metaphysical belief in the external reflection, but rath…Read more
  • Turning erythrocytes into functional micromotors
    with Z. Wu, T. Li, J. Li, W. Gao, C. Christianson, M. Galarnyk, Q. He, L. Zhang, and J. Wang
    © 2014 American Chemical Society.Attempts to apply artificial nano/micromotors for diverse biomedical applications have inspired a variety of strategies for designing motors with diverse propulsion mechanisms and functions. However, existing artificial motors are made exclusively of synthetic materials, which are subject to serious immune attack and clearance upon entering the bloodstream. Herein we report an elegant approach that turns natural red blood cells into functional micromotors with th…Read more