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    Relations computed by finite-state transducers are applied to interpret temporal propositions in terms of strings representing finite contexts or situations. Carnap–Montague intensions mapping indices to extensions are reformulated as relations between strings that can serve as indices and extensions alike. Strings are related according to information content, temporal span and granularity, the bounds on which reflect the partiality of natural language statements. That partiality shapes not only st…Read more
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    Index of Authors of Volume 10
    with M. Aiello, D. Beaver, M. de Rijke, M. Egg, C. Gardent, K. Hartmann, H. Hendriks, J. Hintikka, and W. Hodges
    Journal of Logic, Language and Information 10 (525): 525. 2001.
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    Hjorth, G., Kechris, AS and Louveau, A., Bore1 equivalence
    with J. Avigad, B. Courcelle, I. Walukiewicz, D. W. Cunningham, M. Forti, and F. Honaell
    Annals of Pure and Applied Logic 92 (1): 297. 1998.