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    790 ACKNOWLEDGMENT Ariel Cohen Ann Copestake Robert Cummins
    with Helen de Hoop, Paul Dekker, Donka Farkas, Tim Fernando, Bart Geurts, Jonathan Ginzburg, Brendan Gillon, Barbara Grosz, and Pat Healey
    Linguistics and Philosophy 24 789-790. 2001.
  • Predicates and Temporal Arguments
    Oxford University Press USA. 1999.
    A distinction is made in formal semantics between "stage-level predicates," predicates that describe the general state of a noun, and "individual-level predicates," predicates that specify the specific properties of a noun. Fernald investigates various contexts in which this distinction is traditionally said to come into play. His aim is to show that the effects displayed are not uniform, and that the differences between the analyses proposed in the literature arise from the authors considering …Read more