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    Frantz Fanon first came to the attention of the American readership in the 1960s. The Wretched of the Earth became popular among left radicals. Others subsequently read the book to understand that appeal. As Fanon's work emerged for us, we came to know him as an astute participant/observer of "third world revolution." Much of the writing has been collected in the two books, Toward the African Revolution and A Dying Colonialism. There also followed in the wake of the success of The Wretched the t…Read more
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    Studies in the Phenomenology of Sound: I. Listening
    with Don Ihde
    International Philosophical Quarterly 10 (2): 232-239. 1970.
  • The Improbability of Third World Government Consent in the Coming North-South International Toxic Waste Trade
    Business, Ethics and the Environment: The Public Policy Debate, Quorum Books, Westport, Ct. forthcoming.
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