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    Evolution and Moral Ecology
    Dissertation, The University of New South Wales. 2014.
    Moral diversity is often dismissed as being something to explain away en route to discovering the correct answers to moral questions, particularly by those who adopt a realist metaethical perspective. In this thesis I argue that moral diversity is actually far more interesting than this perspective might suggest, and that understanding the causes and dynamics of moral diversity can tell us something about the nature of morality itself. I draw on the tools of evolutionary biology, game theory and…Read more
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    What's the Point of Psychoanalytic Criticism?
    Oxford Literary Review 20 (1): 143-162. 1998.
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    Lacan and queer theory
    In Jean-Michel Rabaté (ed.), The Cambridge Companion to Lacan, Cambridge University Press. pp. 238--52. 2003.
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    Two Kinds of Other and Their Consequences
    Critical Inquiry 23 (4): 910-920. 1997.
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    Evolution and Moral Diversity
    The Baltic International Yearbook of Cognition, Logic and Communication 7 1-16. 2012.
    If humans have an evolved moral psychology, then we should not expect it to function in an identical way between individuals. Instead, we should expect a diversity in the function of our moral psychology between individuals that varies along genetic lines, and a corresponding diversity of moral attitudes and moral judgements that emerge from it. This is because there was no one psychological type that would reliably produce adaptive social behaviour in the highly heterogeneous environments in wh…Read more