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    How I learned to stop worrying and love the inverted spectrum
    Pacific Philosophical Quarterly 90 (1): 98-115. 2009.
    It is possible for a person and their environment to be physically identical each day and yet the representational content of their beliefs about color are inverted. Each day they utter the same words, ‘Wow! The colors of everything have switched again today.’ In uttering these words, they express a different proposition each day. This supports the view held by Reichenbach and Carnap that when it comes to representations of colored objects, relations of similarity and difference are fundamen…Read more
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    The Shocking Non Sequitur
    International Philosophical Quarterly 48 (4): 459-469. 2008.
    Analytic philosophy and phenomenology represent two major movements in the study of the mind. Both developed in the twentieth century, having roots that go back well before. Even though the two schools of thought have been in dialogue in the past, they are currently at an impasse. In this paper, I examine the origin of this impasse and suggest that at a crucial point in the conversation, right when the issues were clearly articulated and there was broad agreement on the key questions, analytic p…Read more