• Filosofia Ed Emozioni
    with Remo Bodei
    . 1999.
  •  59
    Locke, suspension of desire, and the remote good
    British Journal for the History of Philosophy 8 (1). 2000.
    The chapter 'Of power' of Locke's Essay Concerning Human Understanding is a very fine discussion of agency and a very complex piece of philosophy. It is the result of the superimposition of at least three layers of text (those of the first, second and fifth editions of the Essay), expressive of widely differing views of the same matters. The argument concerning agency and free will that it puts forward (as it now stands, reporting Locke's last word on the subject) is thus beset with problems, an…Read more
  • Obbligo morale ed equilibrio di Nash
    Rivista di Filosofia 84 (2): 165-199. 1993.
  •  15
    Hobbes and the social contract tradition
    History of European Ideas 10 (5): 597-601. 1989.
  •  63
    Negative freedom (as opposed to positive freedom) has been widely considered an inherently non problematic notion. This paper attempts to show that, if considered as a good with a minimally objective structure, negative freedom can disrupt the capacity for deliberating in a substantively (that is, non purely formal, decision-theoretic) rational way. The argument turns on the notion of non-satiation, as a property of the objective value of some goods of not changing when the availability of the g…Read more
  • Howard Warrender, "II pensiero politico di Hobbes" (review)
    Giornale Critico Della Filosofia Italiana 7 (1): 143. 1976.