Vanderbilt University
Department of Philosophy
PhD, 1973
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States of America
  • The Philosophical Challenge of September 11 (edited book)
    with Joseph Margolis and T. Marsoobian Armen
    Wiley. 2004.
    While most people agree that September 11, 2001, witnessed a terribly important series of events, opinions about the meaning of these events diverge sharply. This book searches for sense in the wake of the terrorist attacks of 9/11. Consisting of fourteen essays written by leading philosophers, most of which have been specially commissioned for this volume, it offers a philosophical reflection on the implications of 9/11. The contributors engage with a broad range of issues associated with the c…Read more
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    In this engaging and accessible introduction to Hegel's theory of knowledge, Tom Rockmore presents the philosopher's ideas the way Hegel himself saw them: as coming to grips with, even competing with, prior philosophical positions. Carefully laying out the philosophical tradition of German idealism, he concisely explicates the theories of Kant, Fichte, and Schelling, essential to an understanding of Hegel's thought. Rockmore shows how Hegel first formulates his own position in relation to the ph…Read more
  • Hegel y los límites del hegelianismo analítico
    Contrastes: Revista Internacional de Filosofía 8 (n/a). 2003.
  • Fichte: Early Philosophical Writings (review)
    Philosophical Review 101 (2): 396-398. 1992.
  • Towards a Constructivist Approach to Human Nature
    In Andrea Altobrando & Pierfrancesco Biasetti (eds.), Natural Born Monads: On the Metaphysics of Organisms and Human Individuals, De Gruyter. pp. 315-332. 2020.
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    On Hegel's Absolute Idealism
    Dialogue and Humanism 1 (1): 99-108. 1991.
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    German Idealism, Epistemic Constructivism and Metaphilosophy
    Epistemology and Philosophy of Science 56 (4): 139-154. 2019.
    This paper concerns the nature and a significance of metaphilosophy with special attention to German idealism. Metaphilosophy, or the philosophy of philosophy, is understood differently from different perspectives, for instance, if philosophy concerns the consciousness of the object, as the self-consciousness of the knowing process. If we assume that the Western philosophical tradition consists in a long series of efforts to demonstrate claims to know, then metaphilosophy is not present in the a…Read more
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    The Palgrave Handbook of Leninist Political Philosophy (edited book)
    with Norman Levine
    Palgrave Macmillan Uk. 2018.
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    Marx's Dream: From Capitalism to Communism
    University of Chicago Press. 2019.
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    German Idealism as Constructivism
    University of Chicago Press. 2019.
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    Una riflessione su Vico e il materialismo marxista nel Capitale
    Materialismo Storico 1 (1-2): 132-141. 2016.
    “Materialism,” which is central for Marxism, is apparently less important for Marx, who, after the “Theses on Feuerbach,” only rarely mentions it. In Capital, Marx mentions “materialism” only two times: in a passage on Giambattista Vico, an important eighteenth Italian philosopher, and in the Afterword to the second German edition in the famous comment on Hegelian dialectic. This paper concerns the reference to Vico. This reference is important in two ways: in calling attention to a basic simila…Read more
  • Heidegger’s Polemos: From Being to Politics (review)
    Review of Metaphysics 56 (2): 419-420. 2002.
    This excellent study of the theme of polemos shows a detailed grasp of the entire range of Heidegger’s writings and relevant parts of the huge and rapidly growing secondary literature. This work is based on recent efforts to understand the link between Heidegger’s philosophical theories and his politics. In Fried’s opinion, efforts by Heidegger or his more uncritical fans to deny his Nazi proclivities are not only fallacious but also obscure his theories. Fried is concerned to grasp Heidegger’s …Read more
  • The Proceedings of the Twentieth World Congress of Philosophy
    The Proceedings of the Twentieth World Congress of Philosophy 2. 1999.
    It is appropriate to ask about the prospects for metaphysics at the present time as we near the end of a century in which, perhaps more than at any other moment in its long history, metaphysics has been under persistent, unrelenting attack. The traditional concern with metaphysics is very old, depending on the definition, as old as philosophy, even its main theme. Depending on the point of view, much is at stake in the continued viability of metaphysics, including the viability of a central phil…Read more
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    The God Within: Kant, Schelling, and Historicity (review)
    Dialogue 38 (1): 182-183. 1999.
    This book brings together ten essays by Emil Fackenheim, centred on the tension between concepts of individual autonomy and divine revelation. Fackenheim is well known for a series of books, some of which are related to the theme of this volume, including a fine earlier study, The Religious Dimension in Hegel's Thought. Most of the essays in the book, which were mainly completed before 1967, have appeared already in one form or another, although some of them have been updated.
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    Hegel, Marx and The Categorial Approach To Experience
    Journal of Chinese Philosophy 45 (1-2): 52-71. 2018.
  • Transcendence and the Concrete: Selected Writings (review)
    Review of Metaphysics 71 (1). 2017.
  • Aspects of Heidegger in France
    Journal of French and Francophone Philosophy 4 (1): 21-30. 2010.
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    Dufrenne, Humanism, and Anti-humanism
    Journal of French and Francophone Philosophy 11 (1): 72-83. 2010.
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    Remarques sur Fichte and Sartre
    Journal of French and Francophone Philosophy 7 (3): 208-223. 2010.
  • Fichte and Transcendental Philosophy (edited book)
    Palgrave Macmillan. 2014.
  • Reviews (review)
    with James P. Scanlan, David B. Myers, Juliana Geran Pilon, Friedrich Rapp, Jesse Zeldin, and Thomas E. Bird
    Studies in Soviet Thought 24 (3): 227-248. 1982.
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    Kant, Hegel e a Paz
    Revista Opinião Filosófica 2 (1). 2011.
    O autor pretende retomar a filosofia prática do idealismo alemão de modo a demonstrar a capacidade de esclarecimento de problemas filosóficos atuais especialmente a partir de Kant e Hegel. A retomada do Kant e Hegel e sua confrontação para elucidação dos problemas limites do contemporâneo como o terrorismo, a natureza do político e o papel dos estados objetiva demonstrar a importância a atualidade da filosofia na reflexão sobre o presente.
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    Kant, Hegel, et la paix
    Hegel-Jahrbuch 2007 (1). 2007.
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    Is Marx a Materialist?
    Epistemology and Philosophy of Science 55 (3): 62-75. 2018.
    This paper examines the distinction between materialism and idealism, which to the best of my knowledge all forms of Marxism regard as central to Marx as well as to Marxism. Materialism comes into ancient philosophy as a philosophical approach to philosophy of nature, which later becomes a philosophical alternative to idealism, and still later becomes a Marxist view of an extra-philosophical, scientific approach supposedly illustrated by Marx. The paper will review Marxist approaches to material…Read more
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    Sartre and ‘the Philosophy of Our Time’
    Journal of the British Society for Phenomenology 9 (2): 92-101. 1978.
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