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    © 2015 The Authors.Female reproductive function changes during aging with the estrous cycle becoming more irregular during the transition to menopause. We found that intermittent shifts of the light-dark cycle disrupted regularity of estrous cycles in middle-aged female mice, whose estrous cycles were regular under unperturbed 24-hr light-dark cycles. Although female mice deficient in Cry1 or Cry2, the core components of the molecular circadian clock, exhibited regular estrous cycles during yout…Read more
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    The Cognitive and Ethical Scope of “Confusion” in Baumgarten’s Aesthetics
    Philosophica: International Journal for the History of Philosophy 22 (44): 27-46. 2014.
    This article explores the genealogical and metaphysical grounds for the positive re-evaluation of the concept of “confusion”, which played a vital role in Baumgarten’s foundation of aesthetics as scientia cognitionis sensitivae. First, a reconsideration of Descartes’ and Leibniz’ conceptualisations of “confusion” attempts to identify the place of Baumgarten’s aesthetics within the rationalistic dilemma of evaluating moral and art-related thinking. Secondly, the way in which Baumgarten attempted …Read more
  • Well developed deformation in Si42
    with S. Takeuchi, M. Matsushita, N. Aoi, P. Doornenbal, K. Li, T. Motobayashi, H. Scheit, D. Steppenbeck, H. Wang, H. Baba, D. Bazin, L. Càceres, H. Crawford, P. Fallon, R. Gernhäuser, J. Gibelin, S. Go, S. Grévy, C. Hinke, C. R. Hoffman, R. Hughes, E. Ideguchi, D. Jenkins, N. Kobayashi, Y. Kondo, R. Krücken, T. Le Bleis, J. Lee, G. Lee, A. Matta, S. Michimasa, S. Ota, M. Petri, T. Sako, H. Sakurai, S. Shimoura, K. Steiger, K. Takahashi, M. Takechi, Y. Togano, R. Winkler, and K. Yoneda
    Excited states in Si38,40,42 nuclei have been studied via in-beam γ-ray spectroscopy with multinucleon removal reactions. Intense radioactive beams of S40 and S44 provided at the new facility of the RIKEN Radioactive Isotope Beam Factory enabled γ-γ coincidence measurements. A prominent γ line observed with an energy of 742 keV in Si42 confirms the 2 + state reported in an earlier study. Among the γ lines observed in coincidence with the 2 +→0 + transition, the most probable candidate for the tr…Read more
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    The cognitive and ethical scope of “confusion” in baumgarten’s aesthetics
    Philosophica: International Journal for the History of Philosophy 44. 2014.