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    A Diagrammatic Notation for Visualizing Epistemic Entities and Relations
    with Kye Palider, Ameer Sarwar, Hakob Barseghyan, Paul Patton, Julia Da Silva, Nichole Levesley, Jessica Rapson, Jamie Shaw, Yifang Zhang, and Amna Zulfiqar
    Scientonomy 4. 2021.
    This paper presents a diagrammatic notation for visualizing epistemic entities and relations. The notation was created during the Visualizing Worldviews project funded by the University of Toronto’s Jackman Humanities Institute and has been further developed by the scholars participating in the university’s Research Opportunity Program. Since any systematic diagrammatic notation should be based on a solid ontology of the respective domain, we first outline the current state of the scientonomic o…Read more
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    Spinoza's Causal Axiom: A Defense
    Dissertation, . 2010.
    Thesis (Master, Philosophy) -- Queen's University, 2010-09-04 13:22:27.876.