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    Terrorism and the Churn
    In Jeffery L. Nicholas (ed.), The Expanse and Philosophy, Wiley. 2021-10-12.
    In the immediate aftermath of 9‐11, Michael Walzer, notable theorist of warfare, reminded us that while terrorism is complex, it's not inscrutable. Implicit in the characterization is the idea that terrorism involves a wider variety of parties than the two conventionally cited, the terrorist and their victims. Terrorists don't harm their victims because they hate them, though in fact they may. The terrorist could, as Walzer counters, choose nonviolent movement‐building instead. The development o…Read more
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    Two Kirks, Two Rikers
    In Kevin S. Decker & Jason T. Eberl (eds.), The Ultimate Star Trek and Philosophy, Wiley. 2016-03-14.
    Human beings have our negative side, Spock speculates, consisting in our hostility, lust, violence, as embodied now in Captain Kirk's duplicate; and we have our positive side, which Earth people express as compassion, love, tenderness, as embodied by original Kirk who emerged first from the transporter. There are three competing approaches to resolve personal identity problem. First is the suggestion that both Kirks survive as the same person who was beamed off Alfa. Second is the idea that neit…Read more
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    Blade Runner 2049 and Philosophy (edited book)
    with Robin Bunce
    Open Court. 2019.
    A team of philosophers representing diverse backgrounds and perspectives tackles the issues raised by the Blade Runner movies.
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    Great Hera!
    In Jacob M. Held (ed.), Wonder Woman and Philosophy, Wiley. 2017-03-29.
    It seems reasonable enough to assume that superheroes are heroes. First, heroes act to safeguard others. Second, heroes safeguard those around them, near or far, in a manner that's moral. Third, heroes safeguard those around them in an altruistic manner; they selflessly help others. Fourth, heroes safeguard those around them in a manner that is atypical, in ways that the unheroic are unwilling to act. Wonder Woman performs her daring feats, that is, with the agility of Mercury and the steel sine…Read more
  • A shadowland called the Twilight Zone
    In Heather L. Rivera & Alexander E. Hooke (eds.), The Twilight Zone and philosophy: a dangerous dimension to visit, Open Court. 2018.