• University of Helsinki
    Department of Philosophy (Theoretical Philosophy, Practical Philosophy, Philosophy in Swedish)
University of Chicago
Department of Philosophy
PhD, 2016
  •  327
    Overcoming "the Present Limits of the Necessary": Foucault's Conception of a Critique
    Southern Journal of Philosophy 55 (S1): 7-24. 2017.
    This essay offers a novel interpretation of Michel Foucault’s original and often misunderstood conception of philosophy as a critical activity. While it is well known that Foucault’s critique undertakes to disclose contingent limits of thought that appear necessary in the present, the nature of the obstacle whose overcoming critique is meant to facilitate remains poorly understood. I argue that this obstacle, “the present limits of the necessary,” resides on the unconscious level of thought Fouc…Read more
  •  56
    Keeping It Implicit: A Defense of Foucault’s Archaeology of Knowledge
    Journal of the American Philosophical Association 1 (4): 653-73. 2015.
    This paper defends Michel Foucault’s notion of archaeology of knowledge against the influential and putatively devastating criticism by Dreyfus and Rabinow that Foucault’s archaeological project is based on an incoherent conception of the rules of the discursive practices it purports to study. I argue first that Foucault’s considered view of these rules as simultaneously implicit and historically efficacious corresponds to a general requirement for the normative structure of a discursive practic…Read more