• Endogenous circadian regulation of carbon dioxide exchange in terrestrial ecosystems
    with M. L. Goulden, K. Ogle, A. D. Richardson, D. Y. Hollinger, E. A. Davidson, J. G. Alday, G. A. Barron-Gafford, A. Carrara, A. S. Kowalski, W. C. Oechel, B. R. Reverter, R. L. Scott, R. K. Varner, R. Díaz-Sierra, and J. M. Moreno
    It is often assumed that daytime patterns of ecosystem carbon assimilation are mostly driven by direct physiological responses to exogenous environmental cues. Under limited environmental variability, little variation in carbon assimilation should thus be expected unless endogenous plant controls on carbon assimilation, which regulate photosynthesis in time, are active. We evaluated this assumption with eddy flux data, and we selected periods when net ecosystem exchange was decoupled from enviro…Read more