• Phylogenetic analysis of mammalian maximal oxygen consumption during exercise
    with E. M. Dlugosz, M. A. Chappell, T. H. Meek, P. A. Szafrańska, K. Zub, M. Konarzewski, J. H. Jones, Jepw Bicudo, R. F. Nespolo, and T. Garland
    We compiled published values of mammalian maximum oxygen consumption during exercise and supplemented these data with new measurements of V O2,max for the largest rodent, 20 species of smaller-bodied rodents, two species of weasels and one small marsupial. Many of the new data were obtained with running-wheel respirometers instead of the treadmill systems used in most previous measurements of mammalian V O2,max. We used both conventional and phylogenetically informed allometric regression models…Read more