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    The “Man of Desire” or the “Man of Labor”?
    Philosophy Today 65 (4): 935-940. 2021.
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    The Failure of Judgment: Disgust in Arendt's Theory of Political Judgment
    Journal of Speculative Philosophy 33 (3): 537-550. 2019.
    Hannah Arendt's essay "Reflections on Little Rock" sparked massive criticisms, accusing Arendt of holding racist views. In it, Arendt constructs the motivation of black parents whose children integrated into white schools as a desire for social climbing, and not as a political struggle for the right to equal education.1 Kathryn Sophia Belle, in Hannah Arendt and the Negro Question, argues that Arendt's judgment in "Reflections on Little Rock" was not accidental to her writing, but expressive of …Read more
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    Editors' Introduction
    with Peg Birmingham and Ian Alexander Moore
    Philosophy Today 61 (4): 815-816. 2017.