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    Adaptive Algorithm for Solving the Load Flow Problem in Distribution System
    with Vipin Kumar and Shubham Swapnil
    Journal of Intelligent Systems 27 (3): 377-391. 2018.
    This paper presents a fast and efficient method for load flow analysis of radial distribution networks. Here, an adaptive algorithm is proposed to analyze the load flow problem of distribution systems. An adaptive algorithm is the combination of backward/forward sweep and cuckoo search algorithms. In the proposed method, the optimum load flow analysis of the radial distribution system is attained, while optimizing the voltage and current computation of the BW/fw sweep algorithm. Now, by the CS, …Read more
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    Structural, electronic and optical properties of ultrathin thallium nanowires – anab initiostudy
    with B. K. Agrawal, R. Srivastava, and S. Agrawal
    Philosophical Magazine 87 (16): 2335-2353. 2007.