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    Teaching Reform to the Biology Major During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Study of the Method of Teaching Industrial Innovation and Entrepreneurial Talents
    with Zhe Liu, Zhiming Liang, Hongbo An, Liyang Li, Zhongjing Zang, Jing Li, Yang Xi, Tong Han, Shaobin Liu, and Cheng-Hao Jin
    Frontiers in Psychology 13. 2022.
    The biology major has developed rapidly in recent years. Biology is a science that penetrates every aspect of human life and is one of the core majors in most agricultural colleges and universities. However, many teachers lack practical experience in the subject. To overcome this problem, in recent years, we have been trying to introduce new reforms into our teaching. This article provides some insight into the way that biology majors have been reformed, which will help educators in agricultural…Read more
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    W-Index: An Index for Evaluating Link Prediction considering Only the Role of Wins
    with Yun Yuan, Yunlong Ma, and Min Liu
    Complexity 2020 1-17. 2020.
    With the emergence of numerous link prediction methods, how to accurately evaluate them and select the appropriate one has become a key problem that cannot be ignored. Since AUC was first used for link prediction evaluation in 2008, it is arguably the most preferred metric because it well balances the role of wins and the role of draws. However, in many cases, AUC does not show enough discrimination when evaluating link prediction methods, especially those based on local similarity. Hence, we pr…Read more