•  8
    Prediction of breast cancer and lymph node metastatic status with tumour markers using logistic regression models
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    Improved subsalt images with least-squares reverse time migration
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  •  7
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  • The Way to Infer the Moral Norms of Human Behaviors
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    How human behavior should be formulated code of ethics, though they are people, agreed; However, only those poor, unscientific road was free to develop norms, conventions, on the contrary, good ethics can not develop freely, and only through the moral purposes of social development, human behavior from the fact that the objective nature of how derived, worked out: how the behavior of developed code of ethics of the pros and cons of direct to say, depends on how ethical behavior should recognize …Read more
  • The Distinction between Anthropocentrism and Non-anthropocentrism
    Philosophy and Culture 34 (8): 125-151. 2007.
    Only special and direct moral origin, purpose and standards, it may be to promote non-human beings such as animals and plants of interest; and the ultimate origin of moral purpose and standards, only to promote the interests of humanity. On the one hand, when humans and animals and plants and other non-human beings of the same interest, they should follow the ethics of special, direct the objectives and criteria, which should improve both the promotion of human interests and the interests of ani…Read more
  • The Philosophy of Wang Yang-Ming
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  • A Study Of Syoujijitusougi
    Modern Philosophy 3 114-120. 2008.
    Secret language that the language problem, and the meaning dense, dense body together constitute the empty sea esoteric ideas backbone. Kukai the discussion in this regard, with both deep and unique characteristics and differences, and lack a certain academic value and religious significance. This article in its "sound word meaning of reality," as the research object, research on the basis of the text, focusing on the sound of the word and the reality of the area, and its impact on future genera…Read more
  • Confucian thought in China Datong millennium far-reaching political culture. Influence of traditional Chinese culture by Mao Zedong. Datong Confucian thinking which is especially large. This effect penetration in their political thinking, to become his future design patterns in Chinese society an important cultural genes. Confucian harmony with the design of Mao Zedong thought and utopian socialist social model of color, the practice in China is seriously out of practice because the level of dev…Read more
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    1970s and 1980s, forced to give up over a number of Chinese poets writing "return" only means that the social system and cultural values ​​of the historical existence of readmission, but also a symbol of Chinese poetry from the dead. These poets from the "tell the truth," starting to witness a real personal experience of the soul era of confusion and struggle, repair and reconstruction of the straw man and serious poetry, to the history of Chinese poetry left no alternative to the character. Amo…Read more
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    On the theories of Origin and End of Morals
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    On the Narrative Model of TV Animation Series
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    Plant cellular osmotica
    with Deng K. Niu and Ya F. Wang
    Acta Biotheoretica 45 (2): 161-169. 1997.
    To cope with the water deficit resulting from saline environment, plant cells accumulate three kinds of osmotica: salts, small organic solutes and hydrophillic, glycine-rich proteins. Salts such as NaCl are cheap and available but has ion toxicity in high concentrations. Small organic solutes are assistant osmotica, their main function is to protect cytoplasmic enzymes from ionic toxicity and maintain the integrity of cellular membranes. Hydrophillic, glycine-rich proteins are the most effective…Read more