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    Volume 17, Issue 4, September 2020, Page 468-470.
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    Dye-sensitized core/active shell upconversion nanoparticles for optogenetics and bioimaging applications
    with X. Wu, Y. Zhang, K. Takle, O. Bilsel, Z. Li, H. Lee, Z. Zhang, D. Li, C. Duan, E. M. Chan, Lois C., Y. Xiang, and G. Han
    © 2015 American Chemical Society.Near-infrared dye-sensitized upconversion nanoparticles can broaden the absorption range and boost upconversion efficiency of UCNPs. Here, we achieved significantly enhanced upconversion luminescence in dye-sensitized core/active shell UCNPs via the doping of ytterbium ions in the UCNP shell, which bridged the energy transfer from the dye to the UCNP core. As a result, we synergized the two most practical upconversion booster effectors to amplify upconversion eff…Read more
  • Corpus approaches to discourse: a critical review
    with Zhong Wang and Alex Chengyu Fang
    Critical Discourse Studies 17 (4): 468-470. 2020.