•  88
    Davidson on force and convention
    Analysis 47 (2): 72-74. 1987.
  •  88
    Wettstein on definite descriptions
    Philosophical Studies 53 (2). 1988.
    I critically examine an argument, due to howard wettstein, purporting to show that sentences containing definite descriptions are semantically ambiguous between referential and attributive readings. Wettstein argues that many sentences containing nonidentifying descriptions--descriptions that apply to more than one object--cannot be given a Russellian analysis, and that the descriptions in these sentences should be understood as directly referential terms. But because Wettstein does not justify …Read more
  •  78
    Ambiguity and non-specificity: A reply to Jay David Atlas (review)
    Linguistics and Philosophy 6 (4). 1983.
  • Reference and Descriptions
    Dissertation, University of Toronto (Canada). 1986.
    The thesis discusses certain questions concerning the semantics and pragmatics of definite descriptions. It begins with a brief look at the famous Russell-Strawson debate. I argue that, at least on one interpretation of Strawson's position and for a large class of cases, Strawson's account of definite descriptions is less satisfactory than Russell's account. ;The implications for Russell's theory of the more recent criticisms raised by Keith Donnellan in the paper "Reference and Definite Descrip…Read more