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    Contents: PART 1. MODELS IN SCIENTIFIC PROCESSES. Joseph AGASSI: Why there is no theory of models. Ma??l??gorzata CZARNOCKA: Models and symbolic nature of knowledge. Adam GROBLER: The representational and the non-representational in models of scientific theories. Stephan HARTMANN: Models as a tool for the theory construction; some strategies of preliminary physics. William HERFEL: Nonlinear dynamical models as concrete construction. Elzbieta KA??L??USZY??N??SKA: Styles of thinking. Stathis PSILL…Read more
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    Coming Attractions: Chaos and Complexity in Scientific Models
    Dissertation, Temple University. 1990.
    Chaos, once considered antithetical to scientific law and order, is presently the subject of a vigorous and progressive scientific research program. "Chaos" as it is used in current scientific literature is a technical term: it refers to stochastic behavior generated by deterministic systems. This behavior has appeared in models of a wide range of phenomena including atmospheric patterns, population dynamics, celestial motion, heartbeat rhythms, turbulent fluids, chemical reactions and social st…Read more
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  • Theories and Models in Scientific Processes
    with W. Krajewski and I. Niiniluoto
    British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 47 (4): 658-662. 1996.