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    This work offers a timely philosophical analysis of interrelated normative questions concerning immigration and citizenship in relation to the global context of multiple nation states. In it, philosophers and scholars from the social sciences address both fundamental questions in moral and political philosophy as well as specific issues concerning policy. Topics covered in this volume include: the concept and the role of citizenship, the equal rights and representation of citizens, general moral…Read more
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    The Separateness of Persons
    Dissertation, Princeton University. 1986.
    In this dissertation I examine the use of the idea of the separateness of persons in recent moral and political philosophy. I take the idea of the separateness of persons to mean the ontological claim that we are numerically different persons and subjects. I argue that it is our belief that we are different persons which explains our concern for morality and justice. Though the idea of the separateness of persons is fundamental to moral philosophy, it is not very important in moral theory to fin…Read more
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    Economic Justice (edited book)
    with Helen M. Stacy
    Springer Dordrecht. 2013.
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    In this paper I examine the counterfactual test for legislative intention as used in Riggs v. Palmer. The distinction between the speaker's meaning approach and the constructive interpretation approach to statutory interpretation, as made by Dworkin in Law's Empire, is explained. I argue that Dworkin underestimates the potential of the counterfactual test in making the speaker's meaning approach more plausible. I also argue that Dworkin's reasons for rejecting the counterfactual test, as propose…Read more
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    Cosmopolitanism with Room for Nationalism
    Journal of Moral Philosophy 9 (2): 279-293. 2012.
    Gillian Brock attempts to reconcile cosmopolitanism with nationalism in Global Justice: A Cosmopolitan Account . She claims that her cosmopolitanism leaves room for legitimate nationalism. I argue that her cosmopolitanism is not only a theory of global justice, but also a general theory of justice, according to which what justice may demand of us is fundamentally global in nature. As such, Brock's cosmopolitanism cannot accommodate nationalism in the overall structure of what justice may demand …Read more
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    Review of David Boonin, A Defense of Abortion (review)
    Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews 2003 (4). 2003.
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    International crimes and universal jurisdiction
    In Larry May & Zachary Hoskins (eds.), International Criminal Law and Philosophy, Cambridge University Press. 2010.
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    The Judgeship of All Citizens: Dworkin’s Protestantism About Law
    Law and Philosophy 34 (1): 23-53. 2015.
    This article gives an account of what Ronald Dworkin calls ‘the protestant attitude’ towards law. Dworkin’s protestantist claim that the interpretive attitude towards law is to be taken not only by judges, but also by ordinary citizens is explained and defended. The account of Dworkin’s protestantism about law in this article is not based on his more general protestantist view about the interpretation of social practices, but, rather, on the nature of authoritative statements of the law in Dwork…Read more