•  116
    Kierkegaard, Despair and the Possibility of Education: Teaching Existentialism Existentially
    with Ada S. Jaarsma and Kyle Kinaschuk
    Studies in Philosophy and Education 35 (5): 445-461. 2015.
    Written collaboratively by two undergraduate students and one professor, this article explores what it would mean to teach existentialism “existentially.” We conducted a survey of how Existentialism is currently taught in universities across North America, concluding that, while existentialism courses tend to resemble other undergraduate philosophy courses, existentialist texts challenge us to rethink conventional teaching practices. Looking to thinkers like Kierkegaard, Beauvoir and Arendt for …Read more
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    Most observers of the Chinese consumer market have seen its linear evolution from a traditional culture toward a more Westernized consumer society during the country's three-decade experimentation of the free market. Recent development, however, shows a cultural renaissance in China wherein Chinese people have increasingly demanded their traditional culture components to be part of their consumption experience, coinciding with China's re-emergence as a country of economic and political power. We…Read more
  •  36
    Why and When Employees Like to Speak up More Under Humble Leaders? The Roles of Personal Sense of Power and Power Distance
    with Xiaoshuang Lin, Zhen Xiong Chen, Herman H. M. Tse, Wu Wei, and Chao Ma
    Journal of Business Ethics 158 (4): 937-950. 2019.
    Research investigating the underlying mechanisms and boundary conditions under which leader humility influences employee voice remains underdeveloped. Drawing from approach–inhibition theory of power and leader humility literature, we developed a moderated-mediation model in which personal sense of power was theorized as a unique mechanism underlining why employees feel motivated to speak up under the supervision of humble leaders. Additionally, the cultural value of power distance was proposed …Read more
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    Social networking sites have challenged ethical issues about users’ information security and privacy. SNS users are concerned about their privacy and need to control the information they share and its use. This paper examines the security of SNS by taking a look at the influence of users’ perceived control of information over their information-sharing behaviors. Employing an empirical study, this paper demonstrates the importance of perceived control in SNS users’ information-sharing behaviors. …Read more
  •  31
    Brain Activity toward Gaming-Related Cues in Internet Gaming Disorder during an Addiction Stroop Task
    with Yifen Zhang, Hongli Zhou, Jiaojing Xu, Xiaoxia Du, and Guangheng Dong
    Frontiers in Psychology 7. 2016.
  •  27
    The Mutual Effect of Marital Quality and Parenting Stress on Child and Parent Depressive Symptoms in Families of Children with Oppositional Defiant Disorder
    with Yulin Zhang, Peilian Chi, Wan Ding, Melissa A. Heath, Xiaoyi Fang, and Shousen Xu
    Frontiers in Psychology 8. 2017.
  •  27
    Frequency-dependent changes in the amplitude of low-frequency fluctuations in internet gaming disorder
    with Xize Jia, Yu-Feng Zang, and Guangheng Dong
    Frontiers in Psychology 6. 2015.
  •  25
    Community health service capacity in China: a survey in three municipalities
    with Wei Zhou, Yanmin Dong, Wenli Lu, Xin Tian, Lianping Yang, and Xinping Zhang
    Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice 19 (1): 167-172. 2013.
  •  25
    Why and When Employees Like to Speak up More Under Humble Leaders? The Roles of Personal Sense of Power and Power Distance
    with Chao Ma, Wu Wei, Herman H. M. Tse, and Zhen Xiong Chen
    Journal of Business Ethics 158 (4): 937-950. 2019.
    Research investigating the underlying mechanisms and boundary conditions under which leader humility influences employee voice remains underdeveloped. Drawing from approach–inhibition theory of power and leader humility literature, we developed a moderated-mediation model in which personal sense of power (i.e., employees’ ability to influence other individuals such as their leader) was theorized as a unique mechanism underlining why employees feel motivated to speak up under the supervision of h…Read more
  •  22
    Are Women CEOs Valuable in Terms of Bank Loan Costs? Evidence from China
    with Jin-hui Luo, Zeyue Huang, and Xue Li
    Journal of Business Ethics 153 (2): 337-355. 2018.
    Given that women CEOs are usually more risk averse, engage less in opportunistic behavior, and provide higher quality earnings than men CEOs, we argue that firms with women CEOs are likely to face lower operational and information risk and thus enjoy cheaper external funds. Using a large sample of Chinese A-share listed firms operating from 2006 to 2012, we find consistent evidence that Chinese banks tend to impose lower loan costs on firms with women CEOs compared to firms with men CEOs. This e…Read more
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    This study aimed to analyze the mediating effect of tolerance of uncertainty (TU) and trait anxiety (TA) on future self-continuity (FSC) and intention to use Internet wealth management (IUIWM) systems. A questionnaire survey was distributed online and a total of 388 participants completed questionnaire, The questionnaire included the following scales: Chinese version of the FSC, Intention to Use the Internet Wealth Management, TU, and TA. Pearson correlation was used to investigate the correlati…Read more
  •  20
    Physical properties of single crystalline BaSn5
    with Sergey L. Bud'ko and Paul C. Canfield
    Philosophical Magazine 92 (24): 3006-3014. 2012.
  •  18
    Towards an Ethical and Trustworthy Social Commerce Community for Brand Value Co-creation: A trust-Commitment Perspective
    with Xuequn Wang, Mina Tajvidi, and Nick Hajli
    Journal of Business Ethics 167 (1): 137-152. 2020.
    Firms have been increasingly using social commerce platforms to engage with customers and support their brand value co-creation. While social commerce is now bringing a variety of benefits to business, it has also challenged marketing ethics surrounding online consumer privacy. Drawing on the trust-commitment theory, we develop a model that aims to create an ethical and trustworthy social commerce community for brand value co-creation by examining the impacts of online consumer privacy concerns …Read more
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    Name der Zeitschrift: Semiotica Jahrgang: 2017 Heft: 216 Seiten: 383-397.
  •  17
    When guanxi meets connectivity
    with Hua Huang
    Journal of Information, Communication and Ethics in Society 16 (1): 32-44. 2018.
    Purpose The purpose of this paper is to reveal the underlying mechanisms that drive young adults’ participation in micro-charity. Design/methodology/approach A case study, which formed a large online ethnographic project, was conducted in which the twin methods of participatory observation and in-depth interviews were used to access the experience of a selected group of college students. Findings The present paper identifies that young adults’ participation in micro-charity is mainly driven by t…Read more
  •  17
    Electromechanical Design of Self-Similar Inspired Surface Electrodes for Human-Machine Interaction
    with YongAn Huang, Wentao Dong, and Chen Zhu
    Complexity 2018 1-14. 2018.
  •  15
    Not Only Top-Down: The Dual-Processing of Gender-Emotion Stereotypes
    with Wen-Long Zhu, Ping Fang, Yan Ma, and Mei-lin Yao
    Frontiers in Psychology 11. 2020.
    Is gender-emotion stereotype a “one-hundred percent” top-down processing phenomenon, or are there additional contributions to cognitive processing from background clues when they are related to stereotypes? In the present study, we measured the gender-emotion stereotypes of 57 undergraduates with a face recall task and found that, regardless of whether the emotional expressions of distractors were congruent or incongruent with targets, people tended to misperceive the fearful faces of men as ang…Read more
  •  14
    A Look Into the Power of fNIRS Signals by Using the Welch Power Spectral Estimate for Deception Detection
    with Jiang Zhang, Jingyue Zhang, Houhua Ren, Qihong Liu, Zhengcong Du, Lan Wu, Liyang Sai, Zhen Yuan, and Site Mo
    Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 14. 2021.
    Neuroimaging technologies have improved our understanding of deception and also exhibit their potential in revealing the origins of its neural mechanism. In this study, a quantitative power analysis method that uses the Welch power spectrum estimation of functional near-infrared spectroscopy signals was proposed to examine the brain activation difference between the spontaneous deceptive behavior and controlled behavior. The power value produced by the model was applied to quantify the activity …Read more
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    The subject of metaphysics and traditional logic of confrontation is the subject of alienation - the object opposing the inevitable consequences of the theory, the tension between the two depends on the maintenance of the spirit of the times since the Enlightenment, that is the subject of support for the abstract. Once the main body of the abstract is dissolved, the main myth was exposed, the alienation of the natural transgression of ontological existence. Only out of Marx's historical dialecti…Read more
  •  13
    Practice of common ethical standards in the field of counseling and psychotherapy in mainland China
    with Qin An, Zhiqin Sang, and Mingyi Qian
    Ethics and Behavior 33 (3): 183-192. 2023.
    This paper will first introduce the development of professional ethics of counseling and psychotherapy in mainland China. Ethical awareness is often limited due to variations in training experiences. Aligning with ethics codes can also bring challenges due to nuances within Chinese culture. Furthermore, the authors discuss the ethical challenges regarding the principles of multiple relationships, informed consent, and confidentiality in the context of Chinese culture. These ethical issues are of…Read more
  •  12
    Investigating the Impacts of Organizational Factors on Employees’ Unethical Behavior Within Organization in the Context of Chinese Firms
    with Paul F. Clay, Nick Hajli, and Majid Dadgar
    Journal of Business Ethics 150 (3): 779-791. 2018.
    Unethical behavior is under-examined in the workplace. To date, few studies have attempted to explore the antecedents of an employee’s ethical decisions, particularly with respect to unethical behavior and its effects. To capture an employee’s psychological perception of unethical behavior in the workplace, this paper integrates organizational factors into the Theory of Reasoned Action. By conducting an empirical study in a Chinese firm, we found that codes of conduct and performance pressure ha…Read more
  •  10
    Development of viable solutions for the synthesis of sulfur bearing single crystals
    with Sergey L. Bud'ko and Paul C. Canfield
    Philosophical Magazine 92 (19-21): 2436-2447. 2012.
  •  8
    Is Early Spatial Skills Training Effective? A Meta-Analysis
    with Weipeng Yang, Haidan Liu, Nanxi Chen, and Peng Xu
    Frontiers in Psychology 11. 2020.
  •  8
    Marx's concept of production is not only in the sense of understanding of historical materialism, but should be placed in the entire history of Western philosophy to dialysis. The theory of commodity fetishism by the specific analysis, we believe that the duality of Marx's labor theory of sublimation of Kant's thing-in theory, the relations of production areas to expose the history of Western philosophy is the pursuit of the illusion of certainty of abstract identity, revealing the dialectic ess…Read more
  •  8
    Suppression of ferromagnetism in the LaSb3system
    with Valentin Taufour, Sergey L. Bud’ko, and Paul C. Canfield
    Philosophical Magazine 94 (12): 1277-1300. 2014.
  •  5
    Impacts of Color Coding on Programming Learning in Multimedia Learning: Moving Toward a Multimodal Methodology
    with Yang Liu, Weifeng Ma, Xiang Guo, Chennan Wu, and Tianshui Zhu
    Frontiers in Psychology 12. 2021.
    In the present study, we tested the effectiveness of color coding on the programming learning of students who were learning from video lectures. Effectiveness was measured using multimodal physiological measures, combining eye tracking and electroencephalography. Using a between-subjects design, 42 university students were randomly assigned to two video lecture conditions. The participants’ eye tracking and EEG signals were recorded while watching the assigned video, and their learning performan…Read more
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    The harshness and unpredictability of early life circumstances shape life history strategies for trade-offs between the resources devoted to somatic and reproductive efforts of individuals in the developmental process. This paper uses belief in a just world as a reflection of early environmental cues to predict an individual’s life history strategies. Research has found that belief in a just world influences life history strategies through a sense of control. However, the relationship between a …Read more