• Negative Emotion Arousal and Altruism Promoting of Online Public Stigmatization on COVID-19 Pandemic
    with Chenli Huang, Hongyun Wang, Weiming Wang, Xiangli Ni, and Yujie Li
    Frontiers in Psychology 12. 2021.
    The outbreak of COVID-19 is a public health crisis that has had a profound impact on society. Stigma is a common phenomenon in the prevalence and spread of infectious diseases. In the crisis caused by the pandemic, widespread public stigma has influenced social groups. This study explores the negative emotions arousal effect from online public stigmatization during the COVID-19 pandemic and the impact on social cooperation. We constructed a model based on the literature and tested it on a sample…Read more
  • Individuals with different levels of education have substantial differences in their willingness to communicate with malicious nodes in a group; thus, the results of evolution of opinions tend to differ significantly. In this study, malicious nodes, driven by the benefits of a game, were added to groups of individuals with different levels of education, and a theoretical model of the game theory of group opinions that introduces malicious nodes was established. The influence of the proportion of…Read more
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    Chaos-Based Engineering Applications with a 6D Memristive Multistable Hyperchaotic System and a 2D SF-SIMM Hyperchaotic Map (review)
    with Fei Yu, Shuai Qian, Yuanyuan Huang, Shuo Cai, Jie Jin, and Sichun Du
    Complexity 2021 1-21. 2021.
    In recent years, the research of chaos theory has developed from simple cognition and analysis to practical engineering application. In particular, hyperchaotic systems with more complex and changeable chaotic characteristics are more sensitive and unpredictable, so they are widely used in more fields. In this paper, two important engineering applications based on hyperchaos pseudorandom number generator and image encryption are studied. Firstly, the coupling 6D memristive hyperchaotic system an…Read more
  • Origins of Informal Coercion in China
    Politics and Society 45 (1): 67-89. 2017.
    Informal coercive tactics play an important role in maintaining political and social order in authoritarian regimes today, a fact variously attributed to the state’s incapacity to monopolize coercive force and to the strategic concealment of repression from international society. Studying the coercive tactics used by the Chinese government, this article directs attention to how state institutions and strategies create incentives for state agents to delegate coercion to third parties. In particul…Read more
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    The Effect of Physical Activity on Drug Cravings of Drug Addicts With AIDS: The Dual Mediating Effect of Internal Inhibition
    with Tingran Zhang, Kun Wang, Meichen Qu, Haonan Jiang, and Jiong Luo
    Frontiers in Psychology 11. 2020.
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    Introducing a Chaotic Component in the Control System of Soil Respiration
    with Peng An, Wen-Feng Wang, Jing Qian, and Yunzhu Pan
    Complexity 2020 1-8. 2020.
    Chaos theory has been proved to be of great significance in a series of critical applications although, until now, its applications in analyzing soil respiration have not been addressed. This study aims to introduce a chaotic component in the control system of soil respiration and explain control complexity of this nonlinear chaotic system. This also presents a theoretical framework for better understanding chaotic components of soil respiration in arid land. A concept model of processes and mec…Read more
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    Mapping Discourse Analysis in Translation Studies via bibliometrics: A survey of journal publications
    with Meifang Zhang, Hanting Pan, and Tian Luo
    Perspectives 23 (2): 223-239. 2015.
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    A diachronic analysis of metaphor clusters in political discourse
    with Yi Sun
    Pragmatics and Society 9 (4): 626-653. 2018.
    The complex and abstract character of political discourse makes it difficult to be understood directly by ordinary people. Assuming that use of metaphor could make political language easier to comprehend, more and more scholars began to focus on the study of metaphor in political discourse. However, most of these studies paid only attention to the contrastive study of single metaphor phenomena, while diachronic studies of metaphors still remained few. The present paper attempts to make a diachro…Read more
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    Precision Security: Integrating Video Surveillance with Surrounding Environment Changes
    with Wenfeng Wang, Guiwei Zhang, Jing Qian, Peng Wei, Boqian Wu, and Hongwei Zheng
    Complexity 2018 1-10. 2018.
    Video surveillance plays a vital role in maintaining the social security although, until now, large uncertainty still exists in danger understanding and recognition, which can be partly attributed to intractable environment changes in the backgrounds. This article presents a brain-inspired computing of attention value of surrounding environment changes with a processes-based cognition model by introducing a ratio valueλof EC-implications within considered periods. Theoretical models for computat…Read more
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    Bidirectional Multi-Input and Multi-Output Energy Equalization Circuit for the Li-Ion Battery String Based on the Game Theory
    with Jiayu Wang, Shuailong Dai, Xiang Zhang, and Zhifei Shan
    Complexity 2019 1-17. 2019.
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    Altered Basal Ganglia Network Integration in Schizophrenia
    with Mingjun Duan, Hui He, Yuchao Jiang, Sisi Jiang, Qiankun Xie, Yongxiu Lai, Cheng Luo, and Dezhong Yao
    Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 9. 2015.
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    Motivational Externalism and Misdescribing Cases
    American Journal of Bioethics Neuroscience 7 (4): 218-219. 2016.
    Ryan Darby, Judith Edersheim, and Bruce Price (DEP) argue that patients with Behavioral-Variant Frontotemporal Dementia have intact moral knowledge. In effect, they assume a motivational externalist understanding of moral knowledge. We question this by probing the cases they present as evidence for their position.
  • Xi Chen explores the question of why there has been a dramatic rise in and routinization of social protests in China since the early 1990s. Drawing on case studies, in-depth interviews and a unique data set of about 1,000 government records of collective petitions, this book examines how the political structure in Reform China has encouraged Chinese farmers, workers, pensioners, disabled people and demobilized soldiers to pursue their interests and claim their rights by staging collective protes…Read more
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    Frontal Eye Field Involvement in Color and Motion Feature-Based Attention: Single-Pulse Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
    with Jing-Na Jin, Fang Xiang, Zhi-Peng Liu, and Tao Yin
    Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 12. 2018.
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    Kuhn's theory of scientific revolutions and cognitive psychology
    with Hanne Andersen and Peter Barker
    Philosophical Psychology 11 (1). 1998.
    In a previous article we have shown that Kuhn's theory of concepts is independently supported by recent research in cognitive psychology. In this paper we propose a cognitive re-reading of Kuhn's cyclical model of scientific revolutions: all of the important features of the model may now be seen as consequences of a more fundamental account of the nature of concepts and their dynamics. We begin by examining incommensurability, the central theme of Kuhn's theory of scientific revolutions, accordi…Read more