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    A moral reason to be a mere theist: improving the practical argument
    International Journal for Philosophy of Religion 79 (2): 113-132. 2016.
    This paper is an attempt to improve the practical argument for beliefs in God. Some theists, most famously Kant and William James, called our attention to a particular set of beliefs, the Jamesian-type beliefs, which are justified by virtue of their practical significance, and these theists tried to justify theistic beliefs on the exact same ground. I argue, contra the Jamesian tradition, that theistic beliefs are different from the Jamesian-type beliefs and thus cannot be justified on the same …Read more
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    Atomistic calculation of point-defect diffusion anisotropy and irradiation growth inĪ±-zirconium
    with C. H. Woo
    Philosophical Magazine 87 (16): 2355-2369. 2007.
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    Philosophers debate over the truth of the Doctrine of Doing and Allowing, the thesis that there is a morally significant difference between doing harm and merely allowing harm to happen. Deontologists tend to accept this doctrine, whereas consequentialists tend to reject it. A robust defence of this doctrine would require a conceptual distinction between doing and allowing that both matches our ordinary use of the concepts in a wide range of cases and enables a justification for the alleged mora…Read more
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    Orientation of shear bands for a rigid plastic frictional material in simple shear
    with A. Papon, H. Muhlhaus, and L. Gross
    Philosophical Magazine 92 (28-30): 3564-3588. 2012.